Hp 12c pr error

Fixed bug JsonSerializeable couldn't implement pos graduacao em enfermagem oncologica module extension. Fixed bug JsonSerializeable couldn't implement on module extension Fileinfo: Fixed bug Optimizer bug in constant artigos dos minions to boolean conversion.

Fixed bug PHP crashes if opcache. Fixed bug PDO-pgsql cannot connect if password contains spaces. Fixed bug Session module is sending multiple set-cookie headers when session. Fixed bug basename function doesn't remove drive letter. Fixed bug Incorrect object error with inheritance. Fixed error PDO-psql cannot connect if error contains aguilhao da morte significado. Disallowed JMP into a finally block.

Added validation of class names in the autoload process. Fixed bug list fails to unpack yielded ArrayAccess object. Fixed bug DateTimeImmutable:: Fixed bug Fixed bug Use freetype-config for determining freetype2 dir s.

Fixed issue "opcache. Fixed bug Segfault throwing an exception in a XSL registered function. Fixed bug Wrong Day of Week. Fixed bug Error constant substitution, hp 12c pr error. Fixed bug Inconsistent results with require return value. Fixed bug Opcache: Fixed bug PHP cli forces the tty to cooked mode. Fixed bug basename is no more working after fgetcsv in certain situation. Fixed bug Space before ";" breaks php. Fixed bug dangling context pointer causes crash. Changed default listen backlog to Increased limit for opcache.

Fixed issue path issue when using phar. Fixed issue Phar mount points not working with OPcache enabled. Fixed bug Field name truncation if the field name is bigger than 32 characters. Fixed bug Segfault with built-in webserver and chunked transfer encoding. Fixed crash on unknown encoding. Fixed bug XMLReader does not suppress errors.

Fixed bug Wrong behavior of static variables in closure generators. Fixed bug compile time errors won't trigger auto loading. Fixed bug By-ref foreach on property access of string offset segfaults. Fixed bug built-in server treat some http headers as case-sensitive.

Fixed bug Comparison for DateTimeImmutable doesn't work. Ensure that the defined interpolation method is used with the generic scaling methods. Fixed bug configure script broken in 5. Fixed bug Error when Zend Sois macom resposta Optimizer is fully enabled. Fixed bug Exception not properly caught when opcache enabled.

12c bug 5. Error issue segfault in interned strings if initial memory is too low. Added support for GNU Hurd. Fixed bug error must appear at the end of headers error Location to work in http.

Fixed bug Race condition in shtool's mkdir -p implementation. Fixed bug 'make test' crashes starting with 5. Improved fputcsv 12c allow specifying escape character. Fixed bug quoted-printable encode 12c filter incorrectly encoding spaces. Fixed bug Pointer aliasing issue 12c in miscompile on gcc4. Fixed bug curl memory leak. Fixed bug createFromFormat broken when weekday name is followed by some delimiters. Fixed bug Session ID is not initialized properly when 12c session is enabled. Fix issue with return error of password API helper functions.

Found via static analysis by cjones. Fixed bug shutdown segfault due to serialize. 12c fix for bug compile failure on netbsd. Fixed bug CGI mode - make install don't work. Fixed bug createFromFormat broken when weekday name is followed by some delimiters Fixed bug stack-buffer-overflow in Error stuff caught by AddressSanitizer Openssl: Fixed bug rfc crashes php even though turned off, hp 12c pr error.

Fixed bug session id not appended properly for empty anchor tags. Fixed possible buffer overflow under Windows. Not a security fix. Fixed bug SoapHeader problems with SoapServer. Fixed bug Segfault when getting SplStack object Value. Fixed bug Postgres prepared statement positional parameter casting. Fixed bug Compilation fails with error: Fixed bug solaris sed has no -i switch.

Added flags option to DOMDocument:: Added support for glob symbols in blacklist entries? Fixed bug pdo mysql parsing errors. Implemented strict sessions RFC https: Fixed bug select implementation uses outdated tick API. Fixed bug Exception not catchable when exception thrown in autoload with a namespace. Fixed bug Error on serialize of ArrayObject. Fixed bug chroot does not get enabled. Fixed bug Missing php-cgi man page. Fixed bug Cli server not responsive when responding with http status code.

Fixed bug curl. Fixed segfault in mysqlnd when doing long prepare. Fixed bug Missing phar man page. Fixed bug RecursiveDirectoryIterator segfault. Fixed bug heap corruption in xml parser. Fixed bug strftime returns insufficient-length string under multibyte locales. Fixed bug bgcolor does not use the same format as the input image with imagerotate.

Fixed bug imagecreatefrom Fixed bug imagecreatefromjpeg fails with URL. Fixed trailing space in name of constant IntlCalendar:: Fixed bug compile failure on netbsd. Fixed bug Crash when using unserialized DatePeriod instance. Fixed bug Firebird return wrong value for numeric field. Fixed bug Cannot insert second row with null using parametrized query. Fixed bug Segfault while using RecursiveIteratorIterator on bits systems. Fixed bug doc comments picked up from previous scanner run. Fixed bug quoted-printable-encode stream filter incorrectly discarding whitespace.

Fixed bug Segmentation fault when instantiate 2 persistent PDO to the same db server. Implement FR Expose additional readline variable to prevent default filename completion. As result all the stack push operations don't require checks for stack overflow any more General improvements: Added generators and coroutines.

Added simplified password hashing API. Added Class Name Resolution As Scalar Via "class" Keyword Added support for using empty on the result of function calls and other expressions Added support for non-scalar Iterator keys in foreach Added support for list in foreach Core: Added Zend Opcache extension and enable building it by default.

Fixed bug Integer overflow in SndToJewish. Fixed bug buit-in web server is broken on ppc Remove curl stream wrappers. Added DateTimeImmutable - a variant of DateTime that only returns the modified state instead of changing itself. Fixed bug Invalid free when unserializing DateTimeZone.

Upgraded libmagic to 5. Fixed bug imagerotate produces corrupted image. No change when bundled libgd is used Upgraded libgd to 2. The intl extension now requires ICU 4. Instead, the placeholders will remain unsubstituted MessageFormatter:: IntlCalendar did not exist before this version IntlDateFormatter:: Passing a constant is still allowed, and still keeps the time zone IntlDateFormatter:: Implemented all options, per MySQL 5.

Fixed timestamp update on Phar contents modification readline: Fixed bug Expose additional readline variable to prevent default filename completion Reflection: Fixed bug There is an ability to create instance of Generator by hand Sockets: Upgraded libzip to 0. Fixed bug Use of no longer available ini directives causes crash on TS build. Fixed bug compilation failure on x Fixed bug Segfault on memory exhaustion within function definition. Fixed bug mimetype detection segfaults on mp3 file.

Fixed some possible memory or resource leaks and possible null dereference detected by code coverity scan. Log a warning when a syscall fails. Fixed bug Some IPv6 addresses get interpreted wrong. Fixed bug Truncated snmpget. Fixed bug Custom Exceptions crash when internal properties overridden. Fixed bug Custom Exception crash when internal properties overridden. Fixed bug fd leak on Solaris. Fixed bug Ran out of opcode space. Fixed bug Memoryleak when using the same variablename two times in function declaration.

Fixed bug more empty delimiter warning in strX methods. Fixed bug ArrayAccess:: Fixed bug Debug backtrace changed behavior since 5. Fixed bug Parent class incorrectly using child constant in class property. Fixed bug Zip crash intermittently. Fixed bug Unserialize Invalid Date causes crash. Fixed bug Insteadof not work for class method in 5.

Fixed bug dval to lval different behavior on ppc Fixed bug Inheritance with Traits failed with error. Fixed bug undefined symbol: Fixed timestamp update on Phar contents modification. Added check that soap.

Fixed bug unset fails with ArrayObject and deep arrays. Fixed bug IPv6 malformed. SOAP Added check that soap. Fixed bug isset inconsistently produces a fatal error on protected property. Fixed bug Bad warning text from strpos on empty needle.

Fixed bug Poor efficiency of strtr using array with keys of very different length. Fixed bug Magic methods called twice for unset protected properties. Fixed bug fopen follows redirects for non-3xx statuses. Fixed bug php with fpm fails to build on Solaris 10 or Fixed bug sqlite Fixed bug Sigsegv when Exception:: Fixed bug Errors in eval 'ed code produce status code Update list of common mime types.

Added webm, ogv, ogg. Fixed bug segfault due to libcurl connection caching. Fixed bug Memory leak when reusing curl-handle. Fixed bug Can't enable hostname validation when using curl stream wrappers. Fixed bug Curlwapper is not sending http header randomly.

Fixed bug wrong called method as callback with inheritance. Fixed bug config. Fixed bug Crasher in tt-rss backend. Fixed bug Poor date performance. Fixed bug Datetime:: Fixed bug missing header. Fixed bug Segfault when polling closed link. Fixed bug Possible null dereference and buffer overflow. Fixed bug Fatal error on Reflection. Fixed bug SOAP wsdl cache is not enabled after initial requests.

Fixed bug Segfault on output buffer. Fixed bug Load multiple magic files from a directory under Windows. Fixed bug un serialize leaves dangling pointers, causes crashes. Fixed bug PHP fails to open Windows deduplicated files. Fixed bug Corruption of hash tables. Fixed bug Phar fails to write an openssl based signature. Core Added optional second argument for assert to specify custom message.

Support building PHP with the native client toolchain. Added --offline option for tests. Fixed bug Segfault while load extension failed in zts-build.

Fixed bug Notice: Fixed bug Double free when use traits. Fixed bug Shutdown functions not called in certain error situation. Fixed bug Systemd integration and daemonize. Fixed bug Unneccesary warnings on FPM. Fixed bug Add PID to php-fpm init. Intl Fixed bug defective cloning in several intl classes.

Fixed bug --with-zend-multibyte and --enable-debug reports LEAK with run-test. Intl Fixed bug Extending MessageFormatter and adding property causes crash.

PHP 5 ChangeLog

Reflection Implemented FR Allow access to name of constant used as default value. Fixed bug ArrayIterator gives misleading notice on next when moved to the end.

Fixed bug munmap is called with the incorrect error. Fixed bug php binaries installed as binary. Reflection Fixed bug ReflectionParameter:: Session Fixed bug segfault due to retval is not initialized.

Fixed bug compile failure: Core Fixed crash in ZTS using same class in modelo de orcamento para construcao civil threads. Fixed 12c Missing error error in trait 'insteadof' clause. Fixed bug exit code incorrect. Fixed bug Confusing error message when extending traits.

Fixed bug Order of traits in use statement can cause a fatal error. Fixed bug type hinting with "self" keyword causes weird errors. Fileinfo Fix fileinfo test problems. Fixed bug Bad formatting on phpinfo.

Fixed bug Memory leak when restoring an exception handler. Fixed bug Exceeding max nesting level doesn't delete numerical vars. Fixed bug Possible invalid handler usage in windows random functions. Fixed bug Segfault when running symfony 2 tests. Fixed bug strpbrk mishandles NUL byte. Fixed bug header cannot detect the multi-line header with CR. Fixed bug php-fpm compilation problem.

Fileinfo Upgraded libmagic to 5. Fixed bug Unable to detect error from finfo constructor. Installation Fixed bug Add Apache 2. Fixed bug PDO should export compression flag with myslqnd.

Phar Fixed bug Phar:: Reflection Fixed bug ReflectionObject: Fixed bug Late static binding doesn't work with ReflectionMethod:: Session Fixed bug session.

Fixed bug Segmentation fault when trying to die in SessionHandler:: SOAP Fixed bug gzip compression fails. Fixed bug Soap Client stream context header option ignored. Fixed bug Segmentation fault when DirectoryIterator's or FilesystemIterator's iterators are requested more than once without having had its dtor callback called in between. Fixed bug inconsistent isset behavior of Arrayobject. Fixed bug ArrayObject comparison. SQLite3 extension Add createCollation method. Fixed bug Wrappers opened with errors concurrency problem on ZTS.

Tidy Fixed bug tidy null pointer dereference.

Fixed bug Memory leak in xmlrpc functions copying zvals. Zlib Fixed bug initialization of global inappropriate for ZTS. Fixed bug A particular string fails to decompress. Fixed bug gzopen leaks when specifying invalid mode. Safe mode and all related ini options. Session bug compatibility mode session.

Removed the timezone guessing algorithm in case the 12c isn't set with date. Instead error a guessed timezone, hp 12c pr error, "UTC" is now used instead. Added binary numbers format 0b Added support for Class:: Added multibyte support by default.

Previously php had error be compiled with --enable-zend-multibyte. Now it can be enabled or disabled through zend. Added support for Traits. Algebra linear apontamentos array dereferencing support. Added indirect method call through array. Added class member access on instantiation e. Implemented Zend Signal Handling configurable option --enable-zend-signals, off by default.

Implemented closure rebinding as parameter to bindTo. Improved the warning message of incompatible arguments. Improved essenciais em gado de leite operator performance when returning arrays, hp 12c pr error.

Changed silent conversion of array to string to produce a notice. Binary number literal returns float number error its value is small enough. Improved Zend Engine memory usage Improved parse error messages. Improved Zend Engine, performance tweaks and optimizations Inlined most probable code-paths for arithmetic operations directly into executor.

Improved performance of silence operator. Simplified string offset reading. Added caches to eliminate repeatable run-time bindings of functions, classes, constants, methods and properties.

Added 12c of interned strings. All strings constants known at error time are allocated in a single copy and never changed. This is a very rare and useless case. Optimized access to provas enade engenharia civil properties using executor specialization.

Added ability to reset user opcode handlers. The constant values are moved from opcode operands into a separate literal table. Added support for error references in recursive serialize calls.

Fixed bug httpd. Fixed bug Segmentation fault with Cls:: Fixed www anmp org br Invalid read and writes. Fixed bug Traits Segfault. Fixed bug non-existent sub-sub keys should not have values. Fixed bug header cannot detect the multi-line header with CR 0x0D.

Fixed bug Notice when array in method prototype error. Fixed bug Conjunction of ternary and list crashes PHP. Fixed bug Missing initial value of static locals in trait methods.

Fixed bug Behavior of unserialize has changed. Fixed bug Digest Authenticate missed in 5. Fixed bug Omitting a callable typehinted argument causes a segfault.

Fixed bug ZTS build broken with dtrace. Fixed bug recursive mkdir fails with current dot directory in path. Implement Get php binary path during script execution. Fixed bug iconv returns part of string on error. Added built-in web server that is intended for testing purpose. Interactive readline shell improvements Added "cli. Changed shell not to terminate on fatal errors. Interactive shell works with shared readline extension. Fixed bug Memory leak when access a non-exists file.

Fixed bug Last 2 lines of page not being output. Fixed bug memory definitely lost in cli server. Fixed bug If URI does not contain a file, index. Fixed bug memory leak when using built-in server. Fixed bug Changing the working directory makes router script inaccessible. Fixed bug Built in web server not accepting file uploads. Fixed bug cli-server could not output correctly in some case. Improved performance of FastCGI request parsing. Dropped restriction of not setting the same value multiple times, the last one holds.

Lowered default value for Process Manager. Enhanced security by limiting access to user defined extensions. Enhanced error log when the primary script can't be open. Fixed bug memory corruption when web server closed the fcgi fd. Improved BCmath extension Fixed bug bcscale related crashes on 64bits platforms. Added Berkeley DB 5 support. Fixed memory leak when calling the Finfo constructor twice. Added FNV-1 hash support. Made Adler32 algorithm faster. Fixed bug Tiger hash output byte order.

Improved intl extension Added Spoofchecker class, allows checking for visibly confusable characters and other security issues.

Added Transliterator class, allowing transliteration of strings. Added support for UTS Fixed memory leak in several Intl locale functions. Ill-formed UTF-8 check for security enhancements. Added user JIS X Added the user defined area for CP and CP Fixed bug Characters lost while converting from cp to utf8. Added named pipes support. Added iterator support in MySQLi. Removed support for linking with MySQL client libraries older than 4.

Fixed bug PS crash with libmysql when binding same variable as param and out. Fixed segfault with older versions of OpenSSL. Fixed bug Crash when decoding an invalid base64 encoded string.

Improved internal initalization failure error messages. Fixed bug Incorrectly merged PDO dblib patches break uniqueidentifier column type. Improved Pdo Firebird driver Fixed bug segfaults if query column count less than param count. Fixed bug segfaults when passing lowercased column name to bindColumn.

Improved readline extension Fixed bug Enable callback support when built against libedit. Improved Reflection extension Added ReflectionClass:: Fixed bug Reflection and Late Static Binding. Added support for object-oriented session handlers. Added support for storing upload progress feedback in session data.

Fixed bug invalid return values. Sanitized return values of existing functions. Fixed bug snmprealwalk snmp v1 does not handle end of OID tree correctly. Fixed bug Snmp buffer limited to char. Fixed bug snmp v3 noAuthNoPriv doesn't work. Immediately reject wrong usages of directories under Spl Temp FileObject and friends.

Fixed bug Wrong value for splFileObject:: Improved Tidy extension Fixed bug Tidy:: Laruence Fixed bug Anonymous functions create cycles not detected by the GC. Laruence Fixed bug Undefined function Bug. Pierre Fixed bug Cannot conditionally move uploaded file without race condition. Gustavo Fixed bug Fixed bug bcscale related crashes on 64bits platforms.

Fixed bug Integer overflow in SdnToGregorian leads to segfault in optimized builds. Derick Fixed bug TLA timezone dates are not converted olimpiada de astronomia from timestamp. Derick Fixed bug DateTime:: Derick Fixed bug strtotime with timezone memory leak.

Derick Fixed bug large timestamps with DateTime:: Derick Fixed bug Seg fault while creating by unserialization DatePeriod. Derick Fixed bug cloning extended DateTime class without calling parent:: Fixed bug Integer overflow during the parsing of invalid exif header, hp 12c pr error. Stas, flolechaud at gmail dot com Fileinfo: Felipe Fixed memory leak when calling the Finfo constructor twice.

Fixed bug out of sync ftp 12c. Fixed bug imagefill doesn't work correctly for small images. Fixed bug SegFault when Collator not constructed properly. Florian Fixed memory leak in several Intl locale functions. Ilia, hp 12c pr error, error at sciencelogic dot com mbstring: Fixed bug Compile failure with freetds 0. Fixed bug mysql. Fixed bug mysqlnd error be built shared. Chris Jones Error maximum Oracle error message buffer length for new Chris Jones Improve internal initalization failure error messages.

Fixed bug NULL 12c dereference in phar. Ralph Schindler Fixed bug internal corruption of phar. Hannes Fixed bug Unable to decompress files 12c a compressed phar. Also provide a web uniao catarinense administradora de consorcios ltda status. Extra content at the end of the doc, when server uses chunked transfer encoding with spaces after chunk size. Parsing WSDL with references.

Fixed bug Crash in Error when using recursive redacao nota 1000 enem 2009. Tony Fixed bug Wrong value for splFileObject:: Fixed bug Tidy:: This option won't be in 5.

Chregu, Nicolas Gregoire Version 5. Fixed bug crypt returns only the salt for MD5. Reverted a change in timeout handling restoring PHP 5. Pierre, Andrey, Johannes Version 5. Felipe Fixed bug compiler fail after previous fail. Dmitry Fixed bug classes from dl 'ed extensions are not destroyed.

Dmitry Fixed bug Use of closure causes problem in ArrayAccess. Dmitry Fixed bug Closure, use and reference. Dmitry Fixed bug Crash when assigning value to a dimension in a non-array. Dmitry Fixed bug use of static variables 12c lambda functions can break staticness.

Felipe Reported by Mateusz Kocielski. Hannes Fixed a crash inside dtor for error handling. Ilia Fixed buffer overflow on overlog salt in crypt. Dmitry Fixed bug [NEW]: Felipe Reported by Krzysztof Kotowicz. Pierre Fixed bug assert. Dustin Ward Fixed error getimagesize doesn't check the full ico signature.

Ilia Alternative fix for bug Fixed bugas applied to the round function signed overflowas the 12c fix impacted the algorithm for numbers with magnitude smaller than 0. Ilia Fixed bug Using class constants in array definition fails.

Pierrick, Dmitry Fixed bug Invalid parsing in convert. Fixed bug Zero exit code on option parsing failure. Added ini option curl. FR Fixed bug Adam Fixed bug DateTime:: Felipe Fixed bug Case discrepancy in timezone names cause Uncaught exception and fatal error.

Supress warning on non-existent file open with Berkeley DB 5. Fixed bug error message format string typo. Fixed bug Short exception message buffer causes crash. David Zuelke, Stas Imap extension: Fixed bug Number of retries not set when params specified.

Fixed bug Fails to build when compilng with gcc 4. Clint Byrum, Raphael libxml extension: Fixed bug Removing the doctype node segfaults. Hannes Fixed bug libxml extension ignores default context. Fixed Bug Fixed bug mysqli:: Andrey mysqlnd Fixed crash when using more than 28, bound parameters.

Workaround is to set mysqlnd. Scott On blocking SSL sockets respect the timeout option where possible. Increased the backtrack limit from to Rasmus PDO extension: Fixed bug Parse error with single quote in sql comment.

Fixed bug MSSql extension memory leak. Fixed data type usage in 64bit. Tony, Johannes Fixed bug foreach throws irrelevant exception. Fixed bug Non-portable grep option used in PDO pgsql configuration. Fixed bug 64bit Oracle RPMs still not supported by pdo-oci. Felipe, laruence at yahoo dot com dot cn SOAP extension: Pierrick Fixed bug SplFixedArray:: Hannes Fixed bug Segfault when writing to a persistent socket after closing a copy of the socket.

Gustavo Fixed bug addGlob crashes on invalid flags. Scott Fixed bug numerous crashes due to setlocale crash on error, pcre, mysql etc. Pierre Added options to debug backtrace functions. Stas Fixed bug isset and empty produce apparently spurious runtime error. Dmitry Fixed bug Closures can't 'use' shared variables by value and by reference. Hannes, Ilia Fixed bug Lack of error context with nested exceptions.

Stas Fixed bug Throwing an exception in a destructor causes a fatal error. Gustavo Fixed bug buffer overrun with high values for precision ini setting. Gustavo Fixed bug reflection data for fgetcsv out-of-date. Richard Fixed bug Regression introduced in 5. Ilia Fixed bug fwrite doesn't check reply from ftp server before exiting. Fixed bug Integer overflow in SdnToJulian, sometimes leading to segfault.

Derick Fixed bug DatePeriod fails to initialize recurrences on 64bit big-endian systems. Stas Fixed bug Can't use new properties in class extended from DateInterval. Stas Fixed bug DateTime constructor's second argument doesn't have a null default value. Gustavo, Stas Exif extension: Fixed bug crash on crafted tag, reported by Luca Carettoni. Pierre CVE Filter extension: Ilia, valli at icsurselva dot ch Fileinfo extension: Fixed bug Segmentation fault when using cloned several intl objects.

Gustavo Fixed bug NumberFormatter:: Added 'db' and 'catalog' keys to the field fetching functions FR Kalle Fixed buggy counting of affected rows when using the text protocol. Kalle Fixed bug mysqli:: Kalle, tre-php-net at crushedhat dot com OpenSSL extension: Kalle PDO Oracle driver: Fixed bug format-string vulnerability on Phar. Enforce security in the fastcgi protocol parsing. Fixed bug Fixed parameter handling inside readline function.

Fixed possible crash introduced by the NULL poisoning patch. Fixed memory leak in DirectoryIterator:: Peter Cowburn SQLite3 extension: Fixed memory leaked introduced by the NULL poisoning patch. Chris Jones Fixed bug userspace stream stat callback does not separate the elements of the returned array before converting them.

Gustavo Implemented FR open arbitrary file descriptor with fopen. Mateusz Kocielski, Pierre Zip extension: Adam Fixed bug Wrong return value for ZipArchive:: CVE Fixed bug Missing constants for compression type. Richard, Adam Fixed bug ZipArchive should quiet stat errors. Hannes Fixed bug swapped memset arguments in struct initialization. Richard Fixed bug feof never returns true for damaged file in zip. Gustavo, Richard Quadling Version 5. Fixed crash in zip extract method possible CWE Rasmus Fixed a possible double free in imap extension Identified by Mateusz Kocielski.

Pierre Fixed symbolic resolution support when the target is a DFS share. Added stat support for zip stream. It now takes a charset hint, like htmlentities et al. Gustavo Implemented feature requests: As a side improvement, temporary files are not opened for empty uploads and, in debug mode, 0-length uploads.

Added new character sets to mysqlnd, which are available in MySQL 5. Gustavo Fixed bug strripos not overloaded with function overloading enabled. Gustavo Fixed bug php -i has different output to php --ini. Felipe Fixed bug printf of floating point variable prints maximum of 40 decimal places.

Gustavo Fixed covariance of return-by-ref constraints. Felipe Fixed bug Throwing an exception in a destructor causes invalid catching.

Fixed bug Compile error if systems do not have stdint. Derick Fixed bug Relative dates and getTimestamp increments by one day. Added Berkeley DB 5. Fixed the filter extension accepting IPv4 octets with a leading 0 as that belongs to the unsupported "dotted octal" representation.

12c hidden undocumented parameter list

Gustavo Fixed bug problems in the validation of IPv6 addresses with leading and trailing:: Fixed bug fix crash if anti-aliasing steps are invalid. Mike, Ilia Iconv extension: Adam Fixed cursos da ufc iconv output handler outputs incorrect content type when flags are used.

Fixed crashes on invalid parameters in intl extension, hp 12c pr error. Stas, Maksymilian Error Added support for formatting the timestamp stored in a DateTime object.

Stas Fixed bug IntlDateFormatter:: Kalle, rein at basefarm dot no MySQLi extension: Andrey Fixed bug 12c to undefined method mysqli:: Andrey Fixed bug Can't initialize character set hebrew. Fixed bug crash in 12c after hitting memory limit.

Fixed bug Error condition when handling many concurrent signals. Fixed bug unaligned memory access in phar. Fixed bug segfault when using -y. Fixed bug PDO bindValue writes long int 32bit enum. Felipe PDO Firebird driver: Restored firebird support VC9 builds only. Gustavo Fixed bug Reflection doesnt get dynamic property value from getProperty.

Felipe Fixed bug ReflectionClass:: Fixed bug Segmentation fault when extending SplFixedArray. Gustavo Fixed bug SplFileObject:: For instance, HP's first programmable calculator, the HPA pictured at rightwas introduced in I would very much like to find A and B calculators, peripherals, manuals and other documentation.

You can read more about the models here. The display is made up of nixie tubes, where each digit is represented by a shaped wire inside a sealed glass tube. I have more information about nixie tubes here. Even though I'm interested in almost any old calculator, there are some models that I'm specifically looking for.

I'm also looking for maintenance and repair information, especially Service Manuals, for the following machines:. Although I'm mostly interested in electronic models, I would also like to find a Curta type 1 or type 2 mechanical calculator. That's not always an easy question to answer. It depends on a number of factors, including: I really like the Voyager series of calculators, of which the HPC is one.

It's programmable, pocket-sized, well laid-out and runs nearly forever on a single set of three Asized watch batteries.

The value of these models very much depends on their physical condition most of these models have dings and scratches in the aluminum faceplate and if they include a case and an instruction manual. I have documented the disassembly of an 11C here. Just a quick effortless english forum on operating the HPC - I've gotten this question numerous times regarding the commas and error in the display.

A more advanced version of the 11C, vidro quebrado png in the Voyager series. There is an electronic petition being "circulated" to gather signatures in an attempt to convince Hewlett-Packard to resume production of the 15C. The original calculators were produced from to You can read about the petition effort at hp HPQ today has become a commodity, "me too" sales organization.

In particular, the new calculator products available from HPQ today don't come near the level of ruggedness, originality, or ease-of-use that the 15C and its siblings represent. Error the classic designs have been debased. For instance, the 12C financial error, similar in form and design to the 15C, 12c, is still in production in China. The quality of construction is very poor these days -- nowhere near the standards maintained during production in the U. Error they're inexpensive, so HPQ continues to buy them from the Chinese-owned factory and sells them based on the reputation gained over the past 20 years.

These serial numbers will have four numbers, then this place-of-manufacture code, then five numbers. HP has also lost their corporate memory about their early calculators and computers. One such group can be found at OpenRPN. The HP, an early scientific LED handheld calculator, has a "hidden" timer function that can be accessed via a specific sequence of keys.

You can read more about the feature here. Casio H, Biorhythm calculator. This calculator is still surprisingly popular, despite the fact that biorhythms seemed to be a fad of the 's.

The calculator itself is the usual clever Casio design, except that the date functions are not Year compliant. Another attempt to cash in on the 's biorhythm fad, this calculator computes cycles, critical and mini-critical days, and even has a "compatibility" feature.

For those who have asked, I've transcribed the part of the Owner's Manual that addresses the biorhythm features here. The following table of calculators that use Reverse Polish Notation is taken from the February issue of Ham Radio magazine.

I'm also building up a collection of books, manuals, and pamphlets related to calculators from the 's and 's. As with calculator and computer hardware, I'm interested in operating and programming manuals for these early calculators and computers, as well as books, pamphlets and other related materials. The image to the right is the cover of Electronic Calculatorsa book written by the president of MITS -- the company that had a series of calculator kits and would later go on to offer the Altair computer kit.

You can see some information related to MITS calculators here. I'd also like to find copies of various Hewlett-Packard publications, including any issues of Personal Calculator Digest and Key Notes.

I came across a CT calculator chip and have started to collect information about it, which you can see here. I've also managed to find a few other early calculator chips: To the right is an advertisement that ran in the magazine Popular Science in late click on the ad to see a full-size version. Also interesting to me, at least are the calculators that "didn't make it. An advertisement for a Cogito that used a cathode ray tube CRT as a display.

This ad is from the May issue of Scientific American magazine. An advertisement for a Dietzgen.

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