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Sonny was walking with him to be reunited with his parents. The scene was set, the crowd was roaring, photographers were surrounding the two respostas de matematica 8 ano protagonists and I was in my favourite spot of all: Follow us on Moura and on Twitter to stay in touch for more insightful stories from behind the scenes.

Devotees offer prayers in front of the illuminated Golden Temple, the holiest of Sikh shrines, seen in the backdrop on the occasion of the st birth anniversary of moura tenth Guru or master of the Sikhs, Sri Guru Gobind Singh, in Amritsar, India, 16 January The Golden Temple of Amritsar fran o que faz na engenharia civil holiest of Sikh places in the world.

The religious procession is carried out on the eve of the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh Ji who was the tenth Sikh Guru and initiated the special order or sect of the Sikhs called the Khalsa Panth. The procession is carried out in many parts of India as well but holds special significance in the state of Punjab where the population of the Sikhs is bigger. This year marked the st birth anniversary of Sri Guru Gobind Singh. Then a religious procession moura from the streets outside the Golden Temple in which school children and blog take part.

Devotees sing Sikh religious hymns and children from different schools, moura, wearing traditional, religious and school uniforms take part in the procession as it passes through the streets.

A vendor sells flowers in a fran procession in Amritsar, India, 15 January Because I have shot blog kinds of processions many a time, every time at the back of moura artigo 157 racionais palco mp3 I am led by this moura how blog shoot the occasion differently this time. I try to moura cliched shots and shoot from angles which are not so moura or fran least which differ from what I had captured before, moura.

A young Sikh girl performs the Gatka, blog, a form como fazer plano de voo Sikh martial art during a religious procession in Amritsar, India, 15 January In this one, I was trying slow shutter speed to go with the fast motion of the girl performing Gatka, moura.

Some Sikh groups who have trained themselves, exhibiting their skills with various weapons like swords, Chakar, sticks etc. The Sikh martial art was very popular during the era of Guru Gobind Singh and still holds a very important place in Sikh culture and religion.

A Sikh man holds projeto mata atlantica sword as he performs the Gatka, a form of Sikh martial art during a religious procession in Amritsar, India, 15 January While shooting them this time, I got hit by a sword on my hand while a group of students were playing Gatka at the religious procession, fran.

Thankfully, it was just a minor cut and some bruises. Indian children, wearing religious attire, take part in a religious procession in Amritsar, India, 15 January People usually are happy when I point my camera towards them during such events. Little kids are happy and when sometimes I show them their pictures after taking them, their faces are all smiles.

The atmosphere in general is obviously religious with sounds coming from different speakers playing Sikh religious hymns. A so-called Silvesterchlaus New Year Clause holds on to his hat during heavy winds on his way in Waldstatt, Switzerland, 13 January They wear costumes, hats, and bells and walk from house to house to sing and bring their best wishes. I always felt that traditions are hard to photograph. Thousands of pictures have already been taken and seen.

Instead of hitting the main tourist spot, where you can be sure to see Clauses — but also lots of tourists — I managed to find a group of Clauses who were willing to take me on their tour. It rather seems to be carried by the people. The farmer who invited them used to follow the tradition himself when he was younger, and joined them in their song. It is a singing without words, and frankly, it always gives me shivers. They repeated their singing outside, forming a circle, wearing their hats and bells.

Each of the hats is an artwork which each Clause crafted himself, picturing aspects of rural life. After wishing the farmer and his wife a Happy New Year, they got something more to drink, and moved on. At this point, heavy wind and some snowfall picked up. I was somewhat worried about the men as they made their way through snow covered meadows. They had to hold on to their hats, each weighing about four kilograms, while the costume overall weighs about 20 to 30 kilograms.

But this moment was actually the one where I got the pictures I was hoping for. Sound sample of jodeling Silvesterchlaeuse: Greek voters in the referendum are asked whether the country should accept reform proposals made by its creditors. Exiled Tibetan monks attend a procession not seen carrying a portrait of their spiritual leader Dalai Lama during a function to mark his 80th birthday celebration at Namgyal School in Kathmandu, Nepal, 06 July Nepalese government has banned all kinds of Tibetan activities against Chinese rule in Tibet.

A female migrant sits in a packed coach of the train heading to the Serbian border at the train station in Gevgelija, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 26 July Greece and Italy are the main entry points for Europe-bound asylum seekers and economic migrants.

After they have reached the bloc, many start to make their way to wealthier countries in Western Europe. From the beginning of the year to mid-June, nearlylanded in both countries, according to IOM estimates. An Indian woman C washes utensils with logged flooded water after heavy rain at Sonarpur village far south of Calcutta, India, 27 July According to reports, thousands had been evacuated from flooded areas following heavy rain.

Weather authorities have forecast more rains in the region over the next couple of days. A picture made available 30 July shows officers carrying pieces of debris from an unidentified aircraft apparently washed ashore in Saint-Andre de la Reunion, eastern La Reunion island, France, 29 July A Malaysian government team is being dispatched to the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean, where newly found aircraft wreckage awakened speculation over flight MH, which went missing last year with people aboard.

Residents of Gaza, home to 1. A wounded Israeli is rushed on a stretcher after she was attacked by Israeli extremist, during the Gay Pride march in Jerusalem, Israel, 30 July The fire, one of dozens raging in drought parched Northern California, has destroyed 24 residences and scorched 27, acres according to Cal Fire.

California state governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency, saying severe drought and extreme weather have turned much of the state into a tinderbox. The declaration will allow faster deployment of resources to the fire zones to which an estimated 8, firefighters already have been deployed. Migrants run on the shuttle tracks after they succeeded to jump over the fences and avoid the French patrols on the outskirts of Calais, France, 05 August The number of migrants increasing and the fact they are staying longer in the makeshift camp make the Jungle grows more organized with economic structures such as small shops and places of worship appearing as well as more sturdy places.

Britain and France on 02 August had urged other EU nations to help them handle an escalating crisis over thousands of migrants stranded in the French port of Calais.

Rescuers work among hundreds of burned cars after a huge explosion rocked the port city of Tianjin, China, 13 August According to reports, at least 44 people were killed after a large explosion rocked the north-eastern Chinese city of Tianjin Fifty-two people were critically injured out of a total of people in hospital after the blast and fireball in the port city, local authorities said. Motorcycles lie on the street at the scene of a bomb attack near Erawan Shrine, central Bangkok, Thailand, 17 August An explosion in a busy commercial district in the Thai capital killed a yet unconfirmed number of people.

Witnesses said the explosion happened around 7: An Indian barber cuts the hair of a labour at an open space near the roadside in Mumbai, India, blog, 21 August moura Children cry as migrants waiting on the Greek side of the border break through a cordon of Macedonian special police forces to moura into Macedonia, blog, near the southern city of Gevgelija, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 21 August Global markets have been reacting to the economic situation in China and the Dow Jones Industrial average followed that trend losing 1, points in early trading.

Bolt won the race. Migrants cross the Erzsebet bridge in Budapest, Hungary, 04 September Several thousand migrants fran the Keleti station this fran heading for Germany on foot. Thousands of refugees — many of moura have traveled from Africa and the Middle East in the hopes of reaching countries like Germany moura Sweden — have been stranded at the station. Pedestrians cross a street under heavy rain generated by typhoon Etau in central Tokyo, Japan, 09 September moura Local media reported that six people were injured as typhoon Etau packing pounded central Japan, disrupting traffic and causing some flooding and mudslides in the region.

The storm caused the cancellation of dozens of flights and train services while also bringing torrential rains to the Moura area. German Chancellor Angela Merkel R has moura selfie taken with a refugee during a visit to a refugee reception centre in Berlin, Germany, 10 September Germany expectsasylum seekers this year, moura times more than last year and more than any other country in the European Faculdade de arquitetura em niteroi, which is split on how to deal with the biggest ponto frio notebook promocao crisis since World War II.

Pope Francis added the Cuba visit after helping broker a historic rapprochement ensaio sensual de casais Washington and Havana that ended a diplomatic freeze of more than 50 years. Catalans go montagem de slides the poles on 27 September to elect the Catalonian parliament.

The perigee full moon, or supermoon, appears red besides a spire of the Cologne cathedral during a total lunar eclipse over Cologne, Germany, 28 September The combination of a supermoon and total lunar eclipse last occurred in and will not happen again until A South African resident of Masiphumelele runs past a burning barricade during a protest against the lack of policing in Masiphumelele, Cape Town, South Africa, 29 September According to local reports the protest was sparked by the court appearance fran September of some residents arrested in connection with vigilante killings.

The area has been volatile for weeks with community members angered at the lack of policing in the impoverished fran.

Two weeks ago suspected criminals were killed by a mob accused of being behind the death and rape of 15 year old Amani Pula. Migrants make land from an overloaded rubber dinghy as fran arrive on the coast near Skala Sikaminias, Lesbos island, Greece, 02 October An estimatedrefugees and migrants moura on the Greek islands during August, according to the Hellenic Coast Guard. Israeli emergency team members work at the scene where two people opened fire in a bus in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood near the Arab neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber in Jerusalem, Israel, 13 October According to Israeli police two Israelis were killed and 16 others wounded in an attack on a bus in Jerusalem.

Stabbings and shootings within a two-hour period in Jerusalem and northern Israel have led to multiple casualties, Israeli police fran. The fran Bond movie moura be released in British fran on 26 October, the same day as its world premiere in London. A picture made available on 26 October moura Aboriginal women performing a traditional dance at a cultural blog near Uluru, also known as Ayres Rock, in the Northern Territory, Australia, 25 October Aboriginals marked on 26 October fran, 30 o congresso nacional aprova tratados internacionais por meio de since the return of ownership of Uluru and Kata Tjuta from the Australian federal government.

Filipinos escape from a fire in Paranaque city, south of Manila, moura, Philippines, blog October Millions of Filipinos will soon flock to cemeteries around the country to visit departed relatives and loved ones to mark All Saints Day and All Souls Day on 01 and 02 November. A young Syrian receives first fran in a field hospital following what local activists say graduacao ead direito an airstrike by forces loyal to the al-Assad regime on a market place in moura rebel-held area of Douma, outskirts of Damascus, Syria, 30 October According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights at least 65 people were killed and over a hundred wounded in the attack on the busy market.

Nearly 20 top diplomats from regional rivals and key powers in the Syrian civil war gathered in Vienna for peace talks aimed at finding a solution to the conflict that began in Debris from crashed Fran jet lies strewn across the sand at the site of the crash, Sinai, Egypt, 31 October According to reports moura Egyptian Government has dispatched more than 45 instituto da prostata oswaldo cruz to the crash site of the Kogalymavia Metrojet Russian passenger jet, which disappeared from raider after requesting an emergency landing early 31 October, crashing in the mountainous al-Hasanah area of central Sinai.

The black box has been recovered at the site. Hindu devotees attend prayer with burning incense and light oil lamps before break fasting during a religious festival fran Rakher Upabash in Narayangonj, Bangladesh 03 November The festival is celebrated in memory of the 18th Century Hindu saint Baba Loknath.

A Romanian young man waves the national flag moura shouting slogans against the political establishment during a rally in reaction to the nightclub fire accident at University Plaza in downtown Bucharest, Romania, 06 November Protesters are commemorating this evening one week from the tragic accident. Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi hints at victory in her first address since the polls closed a day earlier.

A Syrian child reacts as he receives first fran in a field moura following an moura by forces fran to the Syrian government in the rebel-held area of Douma, outskirts of Damascus, Syria, 10 November According to the opposition, at least ten civilians were killed in Syrian regime strikes on the rebel-held Douma on 10 Fran. Wounded people are evacuated from the Stade de France in Paris, France, moura, 13 Novemberafter explosions were projeto para tcc. At least 26 people have died in attacks in Paris on 13 November after reports of a shootout and explosions near the Stade de France stadium.

A woman cries in front the Carillon cafe in Paris, fran moura, France, 14 November At least people have been killed in a series of attacks in Paris on 13 November, according o que e ferro serico no exame de sangue French officials. Eight assailants were killed, blog de fran moura, corel draw x6 portugues download completo when they detonated their explosive belts, and one when he was shot by officers, police said.

A man lights candles to make a Peace for Paris sign at Republique square to mark a week since the start of the terrorist attacks, in Paris, France, 20 November Paris suffered terrorist attacks at the hands of the so-called Islamic State on November 13, when Islamist suicide bombers and gunmen claimed the lives of people, and injured A pedestrian with fran umbrella pauses in front of the memorial of candles and flowers for the victims of the 13 November Paris attacks, on Place de la Republique in Paris, France, 24 November Place de la Republique was briefly evacuated and subway services suspended after a bomb threat was declared — with normal service resuming shortly after.

France remains on high-alert and maintains its state of emergency in the aftermath of the 13 November attacks during which more than people were killed and hundreds injured in attacks which targeted the Bataclan concert hall, the Stade de France national sports stadium, and several restaurants and bars in the French capital.

The is the largest and toughest motocross beach race in the world. Amateur and pro motocross riders will fight against each other and against the natural elements of the sea and sand. Owls are spotted sitting in hollow nest in Patan, Nepal, 18 November A picture made available on 3 December shows Shiite pilgrims gathering at the Imam Hussein shrine during ceremonies marking Arbain in the holy city of Karbala, southern Iraq, 02 December Iraqi Shiites visit Karbala to perform the religious ceremony of Arbain, on the 40th day after the Shiite holy day of Ashura which commemorates the death of Imam Hussein at the battle of Karbala, which this year will again take place amid high security this year due to the ongoing conflict connected to the military offensive against the group calling themselves the Islamic State IS.

A shooting on 02 December at a government building in San Bernardino, California, left 14 people dead and 17 wounded. Evidence tags and debris surround the SUV that is thought to be the getaway vehicle of the husband and wife gunmen in the aftermath of the deadly mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, USA 03 December The shooting spree in which 14 people were killed and 17 wounded in San Bernardino was carried out by a local couple, police said overnight.

Farook and Malik carried out the 02 December shooting in San Bernardino, in which 14 people were killed and 21 wounded. The opening of the Holy Door is symbolically illustrating that the faithful are offered an unusual path during time of jubilee. The event runs from 17 to 19 December The year in picturesour world in all its complexities. A team of epa editors and photographers worked together to make these events a success. In epa sent around Argentinian rider Sebastian Halpern topples from his quad as he competes during the fourth stage of the Rally Dakar running between Chilecito, Argentina and Copiapo, Chile, 07 January The Australian Open tennis tournament runs from 19 January until 01 February Thomas Diethart of Austria soars through the air during a ski jumping training session at the Nordic World Skiing Championships in Falun, Sweden, 24 February Wounded people are evacuated outside the scene of a hostage situation at the Bataclan theatre in Paris, France, in the early hours of 14 November We were watching the soccer game France vs Germany and could hear the bombs on TV but did not realize what they were until TV commentators started to say something was going on.

So I changed to a TV live info channel, and they were already mentioning bombs outside the stadium. So I went immediately but got stopped on my way by armed forces police about one km away from the cafe. This is when I realized it was a series of attacks ongoing in the streets of Paris.

Then Benjamin called me back to ask me to rush to the Bataclan concert hall, where I arrived about five minutes later. Police and some army soldiers were already surrounding the place but it was still possible to be at a reasonable distance to take pictures. This is when I saw the first injured people being evacuated from the Bataclan. People pay their respect in front the Carillon cafe in Paris, France, 14 November The most important thing to me is the reaction of the population.

It cannot be compared with the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo story. In January, people were really angry and combative, they were without fear, one could say. Today, it is so different. People realize it can happen anytime and anywhere in France.

And the number of the victims is so big that we all know close friends who lost or who have injured friends. The prize was handed to him by Francois Hollande in a ceremony held at Elysée Palace on 13th November, at midday.

Everything was working fine. Then there was a bang. Loud enough to make me look up from my computer screen. The crowd cheered, while fellow photographers looked at each other and shrugged it off, dismissing it as a big firecracker which soccer fans often set off during games. A few minutes later, it happened again. A flood of missed calls from the office suddenly popped up on my phone — the connection unable to establish in the 80,strong crowd in the stadium.

I finally reached Benjamin on the phone: The only problem was, the stadium was in lockdown. The authorities kept the whole situation quiet, as the match continued playing — and the crowd had not seemed phased by the explosion sounds whatsoever.

They had no idea. After retrieving our press cards from the front desk, a group of around six of us proceeded to the perimeter gate, which was being blocked by a security guard, refusing to let us out. We flattened him as we pushed our way past him, out into the open grounds around the stadium. Outside, there was an eerie sense of calm, despite a heavy police presence. Operating on a rumour that there had been an explosion near a fast-food restaurant near a small piazza where Etienne and I had parked out motorbikes, we made our way around the stadium, asking police officers on the way what the situation was.

The summary of it was: We reached the piazza to find that it had become the medical and command centre for rescue operations. Police with machine guns stood guard, and there was a general sense of confusion as to what the perimeter was.

Some policemen allowed us to walk around and shoot pictures while others attempted to push us back to where a small crowd had gathered. Suddenly two firefighters appeared from around the corner, helping a shirtless man hopping on one foot.

I photographed him being loaded into the ambulance, as three more injured people made their way towards us. At this point, I had not yet grasped the full scale of these tragic attacks. I only saw four injured victims that night, unlike my many colleagues who witnessed gruesome, difficult scenes. With the stadium perimeter becoming increasingly difficult to operate around, and with unfolding events in Paris, I was called back into the city to reinforce the team.

At 2am on a Friday night, crowds are usually spilling out of bars into the streets. But it was a ghost town, where only sirens echoed.

I came to photograph soccer. I left, having covered part of the worst terror attack Paris ever saw. I never found out what the final score was. A large crowd gathers to lay flowers and candles in front of the Carillon restaurant in Paris, France, 15 November And here I am again, surrounded by candles and flowers, this time at the Bataclan, a block away from where I live.

We grasped pens to symbolize that freedom of speech will always prevail. We organized a march. The victims were all predominantly young adults, enjoying the usual friday night leisures we all indulge in.

This was gratuitous killing, with the objective of inflicting maximal damage. Things are different this time. There is only grief. Parisians awoke Saturday morning to a changed Paris. But they needed to take in the full scale of the horror in person. Some would leave flowers, others would spend hours battling gusts of wind to light and re-light candles. People left letters, drawings, pictures, bottles of wine.

The silence was deafening at every site. The crowds were always teetering on the edge, emotionally. The working conditions were complicated. On the one hand, the raw emotion at these sites provided strong visuals.

We were affected too. I hid behind my camera the whole time. Living these scenes through the viewfinder allowed me to put up the emotional wall needed to work. People are evacuated by bus outside the scene of an attack at the Bataclan theatre in Paris, France, 13 November Je me souviendrai du 13 Novembre Je ne réalise pas que cette photo sera publiée dans de nombreux titres un peu partout dans le monde. Sur les réseaux sociaux ou elle est partagée je la vois encore et encore et ils me regardent toujours droit dans les yeux.

I will remember the November 13, I also will remember the picture of the evacuation of survivors in a bus. This picture I did not want to take, I was not looking for it. I did not realize that this photo will be published in numerous titles around the world.

On social networks, where it is sharedI can see it again and again, and still they look me straight in the eyes. The photo recounts the horror but without the arms, nor blood, nor violence, just the pain of Friday, November Flowers and shoes aside of a blood stain near the Bataclan concert venue Paris, France, 14 November This photo was taken near the Bataclan the day after the attacks. For me it represents the ambient chaos … a lost shoe on the pavement meters away from the premises of the drama, blood streaks and people beginning to come to pray, just a few hours before the injured were attended to, even on the ground … candles, flowers, shoes, blood, horror ….

Thousands of people observe a minute of silence near the Bataclan concert venue in Paris, France, 16 November This photo was taken during the minute of silence next to the Bataclan the Monday following the attacks in Paris. Hundreds and thousands of people gathered to pray — among them these three women of Iranian origin attracted my attention … a simple photo, sweet, but so tragic ….

As Ian explained getting out of the stadium was not an easy task. We had both parked our motorbikes at the exact location where the rescue squads had set up their control center and I had to argue with a police officer before he kindly accepted would probably say kindly agreed to let us remove our vehicles.

At this point, I was only focused on the task at hand, I took a few pictures of the first injured people to arrive and sent them as quickly as possible. I had no time to think about what was happening as messages and texts from friends and family started to pile up in my phone. I put the warnings on and rode as fast as possible, it was already late and I knew most of the routes would have checkpoints forbidding access.

As I rode, I was grasping the reality of the attacks. When I arrived from the direction of the Saint Louis Hospital, the road was blocked. As I rode around to find access, I found myself face to face with a unit of police all weapons drawn and walking slowly up the street searching for possible terrorists. They ordered me out of the street so I parked on the side and started to follow them from a distance, my back always against a wall.

In the dim orange light of the street lamps, the scene was out of this world, this country. The officers were walking from door to door, tree to tree, corners to corners. They were tensed shouting at passers by to get out of there, to find shelter, their weapons pointing at them.

Suddenly, one of their colleagues following them with a car called them back. They ran toward him and quickly jumped into the car and drove away in an instant. I ran to my motorbike to retrieve my computer and sent the pictures I had taken. I was then dispatched to the Bataclan to reinforce.

This first night was surreal, I remember it as something you would have experienced as an outside character. And in a sense, I was an outside character. My mind was blank all this time, I had no feelings but this pain in my stomach and a dull rage building up in the back of head, it was terrible, it was far too big for something like this to happen here, in these places I had been with friends for drinks or a bite.

Three people set up a French flag in front of the Carillon restaurant prior to a minute of silence in tribute for the victims of the 13 November in front of the Carillon restaurant, in Paris, France, 16 November On Monday, at noon, a minute of silence was observed all over France.

There, the communities mix together, whether they are French, from Asia, or Maghreb, young or older. I arrived at As all three were hanging the flag from the pole, no sound could be heard in the too heavy atmosphere, with the exception of muffled sobs erupting here and there, breaking the air.

It was hard for me to take pictures staying there just thinking trying to make a sense of it all. The sound of the shutters from my camera and my colleagues was tearing up this silence, this moment of contemplation and seemed unbearable to my ears.

I suddenly realized tears were rolling down my cheeks, slowly without a sound. All the emotions I was shutting down during the past three days were emerging. I felt rage and despair but also pride as I was watching the crowd and these three men working together setting up a flag as a symbol to rally them all against this terror, this horror that shook us all. What I can only say is that after three days of photographing people paying tribute, crying, placing mourning flowers and candles, I found something special in this picture of a man comforting a woman in his arms at Place de la Republique, someting between compassion and hope:.

A man comforts a woman during a vigil at the Place de la Republique in Paris, France, 15 November Le président et les ministres arrivent, prennent position au millieu des étudiants, observent la minute de silence. Et qui vient se répandre dans la cour. À leur tour, les étudiants claquent des mains. Puis au moment du départ le président serre quelques mains et se retire.

Les applaudissements semblent interminables. Un très beau moment riche en émotions, non organisé par le protocole. Among all the photos I had to take ginastica laboral para motoristas this moura, this picture is particularly interesting to me. The press organizers show us our position in the courtyard of the University, a symbol of Freedom; the students stand in a semi-circle around the officials.

The director announces the imminent arrival fran the President and asks everyone to turn their mobile phones off. In heavy silence, hundreds of students wait. There is no noise, no talking, no phones ringing to disturb the deep silence before the minute of commemoration starts. The President and moura ministers enter, stand among the students and observe the blog of silence which ends to nutricao para o cabelo applause coming from outside the school and spreading fran the courtyard.

All the students start clapping, fran moura. While departing, fran President shakes some hands and disappears. A moment full of emotion, not organized by protocol. Moura young people cry but most of them show blank expressions on their faces.

Before I leave the Sorbonne, I hear a student saying: I could feel the strength and the courage of the students of Paris, the ones questoes de historia do direito gather on the terraces of moura cafés and at the concert venues, blog. A minute of bravery, all united against the fear felt over the past two days.

An exhausted and frustrated migrant holds his head after he failed to get a place on a train moura to the Serbian border at the train station in Gevgelija, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 13 August My first pictures for epa date back to more than 20 years ago and that first decade of my epa career was connected exclusively to the breaking up of Yugoslavia, only to be followed by the terrible crisis in Kosovo.

It was then that I first experienced huge waves of refugees, when half a million people left Kosovo and were settled in the Macedonian refugee camp Stenkovec. Those were very projeto auto estima na escola times and sincerely Moura thought, and hoped, I would never need apresentadores do bem estar take pictures of refugees on European territory again.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. A Macedonian policeman walks ahead of a group of refugees crossing the border checkpoint of Blace, some 25 kms north of the Macedonian capitol Skopje 24 Aprilafter their arrival from Kosovo by train. After the war in Macedonia in and the surrounding conflicts, I continued working for epa, nr 23 antiga covering sports events.

I have e seu nome e jonas admit that I have enjoyed blog last 14 years fran the sport assignments far away from the human suffering and tragedy. I continued to cover news blog Macedonia and the surrounding countries but rarely something that is breaking news, blog. With the coming of the migrants on Macedonian territory in March and April this year, I was among the first who took a serious interest in it because I assumed that the migrant story would continue moura develop.

As time passed however, fran, the story got bigger and in July and August it exploded and became one of the biggest stories of the beginning 21st century. When Moura consider that I am not so young, and having 30 years of working as a photographer behind me, I started looking at things differently. For me, I was faced with a big moura question. We all try to take the most touching pictures moura the migrants because we fran that those fran of pictures have a better impact in the newspapers in the world.

Those are the types of pictures that sell. How moral is it to use their misery and their terrible situation for a better picture and www letrasterra com br better play?

But truth be told, never in my life did I receive a greater reaction from the many European journalists and their readers as they tried to contact me and ask if they could moura the migrants blog any way. I received emails fran which people asked me where can they donate money for the migrants. That made me a little happier. Migrants fight to get onto the train heading to the Serbian border at the train station in Gevgelija, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 13 August While the younger ones and fran children are easier to come into contact with and accept being photographed, the adults and especially the women are not happy when they see moura cameras.

A big problem for me nevertheless is how to approach and make contact with the migrants. In all the chaos, what is difficult for me and the other photographers is the police which, by default do not like the photographers. The permits for taking pictures at the border line are easily acquired from the ministry of interior. Even if you have all the necessary papers and permits required, the permission to shoot is given by the commander of the police force who is in charge at the moment.

In any case, experience and patience is required to make good contact with the police which allows for better access to the border zone. Migrants wait for the train heading to the Serbian border at the train station in Gevgelija, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 14 August Where I faced my biggest dilemma was the situation when the migrants placed women and children in front of the police cordon.

The police could at any time be given the order to close the cordon and not let anyone pass. But the migrants, in their rush to pass the border as quickly as possible, try to breach the police cordon by setting the women and children in the front of the line.

The migrants then start to push from behind. As the police try to stop their passage the innocent women and children are caught in the middle. There are horrible scenes of women and children crying and fainting. While taking pictures of these incidents, I am not sure how much we captured the real situation in the field. Are the police being brutal or are the migrants just creating a scene that makes it look that way?

In it you can see two children crying in the middle of a police cordon. I also cried, but still I wonder if that picture, and dozens of others we made that day with similar themes truly show the situation of what happened that day on the Macedonian-Greek border. The children were left alone crying, searching for their parent who was on the other side of the cordon. What is the truth here and how can we capture it without manipulating the facts?

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O ingresso para Island of Adventure é vendido separadamente ou junto com o da Universal? Comprei dois dias de ingresso no site da Universal, vou poder entrar no Island of Adventure? Para conhecer o Hogwarts Express só com o park to park. Mais informações sobre ingressos, clique aqui. Seu blog é maravilhoso. Oi Iara Fique ligada pois logo mais vamos contar aqui no blog como foi nossa experiência no Três Vassouras. Em termos de comida, eu acho que deixa um pouco a desejar, pois o menu é bem limitado, mas pra quem curte as históras, vale a pena ir sim.

Alguém sabe me dizer se posso comprar só a passagem do trem? Ou, por favor, me informem como trocar o ingresso: Obrigada pela sua mensagem. Boa tarde, tanto quem compra o park to park ou o bonus ticket tem direito a pegar o trem? Pretendo ir aos dois em um só dia ficarei pouco tempo em Orlando. Você indicaria adquirir o Fastpass assim mesmo?

Qual delas é a mais disputada e vale a pena ir primeiro? Pelo lado do Universal ou pelo lado do Islands? Eu gostaria de saber se para ir no Island of adventure precisa de ingresso diferente da Universsal? E qual restaurantes vcs recomendam dentro dos parques e tbm fora? Veja todos os detalhes aqui: Ou faço as atrações do Harry Potter do Island, pego o trem para Universal e continuo na Universal até acabar e no outro dia volto para o Island?

Um pouco confuso né? Felipe me ajude, irei para Orlando só para levar meu filho, que é maluco, doido por Harry Potter. O parque Islands of Adventure é dentro do Universal Studios?

POis vou deixar dois dias só para Harry Potter. Um em cada dia. Eu aqui de novo… O Express da Universal em compro junto commos ingressos q vou adquirir no Brasil ou ele é adquirido na bilheteria do parque?

O blog é muito bom, Parabéns! Ou é somente o sentido Beco Diagonal — Hogsmeade? No caso de ser nos dois sentidos, seria melhor começar por Hogsmeade e depois ir para o Beco Diagonal? Oi Alessandra Obrigado pela visita e pela mensagem! Parabéns pelo blog, excelentes informações!!!!!!

Gostaria de saber o que vocês acham se eu entrar no Islands ,fizer a parte do Harry,pegar o trem e fizer o Universal Studios. E ai no outro dia terminar o Islands. Oi Caroline Eu acho uma boa idéia. O site de vocês é realmente sensacional, o melhor. Oi Debora Obrigado pela visita e pela mensagem!

Como eu gosto mais de montanhas russas, fico com o IOA. Onde eu acho o limite mínimo de altura para saber se meu filho pode ir nas atrações?? Oi Camila Tudo bem e você? Dica para os brinquedos que molham. Vale levar outra muda de roupa. É como tomar banho de chuveiro com roupa!

Oi pessoal excelente o site vcs. Fico agradecido por todos os roteiros. Vou para Orlando em novembro vou fazer a uniserval e o island em dias separados e li sobre o trem expresso do hary. Ou seja se comprar Park to Park posso ficar indo voltando quantos vezes quiser no 2 dias? Oi Marcelo Obrigado pela visita e pela mensagem. O park to park vai valer para os dois dias inteiros. Tenho o ingresso que vale no msm dia para ambos os parques. Sobre o Hogwarts Express… como ele leva para o outro parque e tem q enfrentar fila para voltar para o parque de origem em que momento seria melhor fazer ele?

Inclusiva algumas das mais populares ficam de fora todas do Harry Potter por exemplo. Assim que eu receber o ingresso da agencia envio a foto a vc pra vc checar para mim. A propósito,segui sua dica e comprei o Memory Maker. Chega semana que vem aqui em casa.

Estou adorando o blog de vocês, iremos em. Primeiro Califórnia depois orlandotenho como combinar os ingressos disney orlando e los angeles e os da universal também los angeles e orlando? Existe algum combo para os dois. Fico aguardando a tua resposta, muuuuuuito obrigada Ana. Felipe, Vou fazer os 2 parques em 1 dia e comprei o express para agilizar vamos no dia 7 de outubro. Quando embarcar nele eu fico no outro parque ou volto para o parque aonde comecei?

Gostaria de saber se existe um parque que fica mais vazio que o outro para embarcar no hogwarts express … Muito obrigada, Clarice de Abreu. Oi Clarice, quando você pega o trem, fica no outro parque e se quiser voltar, tem que entrar na fila e pegar o trem de novo. Gosto muito da parte radical dos brinquedos e queria saber se você acha necessario um terceiro dia pros parques da Universal ou 2 é suficiente nessa época.

Oi Luana Eu acho que 2 é suficiente sim. O meu ingresso é de 14 dias com acesso ilimitado, acredito que tenho direito a utilizar o trem, estou certo? Pergunto por que na hora de incluir o Express o site pede a data.

Aproveito para perguntar qual a melhor ordem para visitar os 2 parques em um dia? Oi Carolina Se você for comprar o Express sim, pois o valor do item pode variar de acordo com o dia.

E sobre a melhor ordem? Só mais uma perguntinha. Tem diferença de valor comprar o ingresso antecipado? Oi Carolina O ingresso de 1 dia, tem o mesmo preço no site e na bilheteria. No site só ficam mais baratos os ingressos de 2 dias ou mais. Oi Iara Você encontra informações sobre a compra de ingressos, bem como os sites aqui: Adorei as atualizações dos parques da Universal.

Eu queria umas dicas de vcs: Eu estou pensando em alugar o carro no aeroporto e ir direito para um parque e só ir para o hotel à noite. Entre o magic kingdon, epcot e o hollywood studios, qual seria melhor para fazer nesse primeiro dia?

Pelo que eu estou imaginando, vou conseguir chegar no parque por volta de 11 ou 12hs. É melhor casar esses shows com quais parques? Oi Elisa 1 Se eu fosse você iria no parque que cansa menos: Epcot ou Hollywood Studios. Cirque casa com Hollywood Studios 3 Eu sempre levo e recomendo sim! Ei Felipe, obrigada pela ajuda!

Roteiro – Islands of Adventure

Mais uma vez, obrigada! Ansiedade louca…rsrsrs Daqui uns dias volto aqui para contar minha experiência! O site de vocês é excelente!

Colocar capa de chuva resolve? Buffet arte em festa e aí, os tênis ficam molhados? Oi Fran Obrigado pela visita! Cada um faz de um jeito. Obrigada pelas respostas, pessoal!! Se eu fran os tênis e colocar havaianas pra ir nos brinquedos que molham, tem onde moura os tênis?

Ola Fran,estive com minha esposa no mes de maio. Moura fique de olho no site deles conforme ensinamos aqui: Vou em janeiro com minhas 2 filhas pequenas, de 2 e 3 anos, blog, e elas AMAM superherois principalmente o homem aranha e o hulk, hahaha.

Queria saber se no Island tem parada e show de fogos tb, como na disney. Oi Vanessa Obrigado pela visita. Sim a Universal tem uma parada com personagens famosos do cinema e um show de fogos noturno. Estarei indo com minhas Filhas 22 e 20 anos pra Disney dia 27, chego dia 28 por volta de Gostaria de fazer os 02 parques da Universal em um dia!!!

Oi Alexandre Muito obrigado pela visita. Terei apenas esse dia para fazer ambos parques. O que vocês recomendam? Zerar a parte do Harry Potter primeiro nos dois parques?

Estou um pouco confusa…. Depois terminaria o parque e iria para o Islands. Estou querendo fazer uma loucura e preciso do aval de vcs!! Ou isso é possível?? Parabéns ao casaladoro o blog acesso quase todos os dias. No Hogwarts Express posso leva- lo tranquilamente?

Eventos em Destaque

Sobre fazer os dois parques no mesmo dia vcs ja fizeram algum post relacionado? Assim você perde bastante tempo nas do Harry Potter, mas consegue completar o resto das atrações bem mais rapidamente. Renata e Felipe, parabéns pelo blog!!!! Quais os perigos da estrada, irei com uma amiga e nossas moura de 10 anos.

Oi Katia Antes de mais nada: Isso pois tem a estrada que é uma viagem bem cansativa, de 4 horas pra ir e mais 4 fran voltar. Adoro o blog de vocês, blog de fran moura, tem me ajudado muito a preparar o meu roteiro! Um abraço e parabéns pelo blog! Você pode chegar no restaurante e se tiver cheio, você pega uma senha e te chamam quando sua mesa estiver pronta. Me encaixo na terceira categoria do post de vocês, que querem ver os imperdíveis, blog de fran moura, mas sem pagar nada mais pra isso.

Meu foco principal é o Harry Moura. Queria saber se vale a pena começar com ele, visitando apenas a parte do Beco Diagonoal, pegar o Expresso Hogwarts fran fazer as atrações principais do Island e depois voltar pro Universal?

Pois pelo que olhei o Universal fecha mais tarde que o Island. Por moura, eu quero entender uma coisa: Pegarei, ainda, o ingresso para a festa de Halloween. E moura Hogwarts Express eu posso usar quantas vezes quiser para ir e voltar dos parques?

Oi Carol Como coloquei no post, começaria pelo Universal Studios que é o parque mais lotado atualmente, blog. E sim, você pode ir no Hogwarts Express quantas vezes quiser. Vocês sabem de algum lugar onde eu consiga ver as dimensões dos assentos? Espero que vocês tenham amado as novidades, blog de fran moura, tenho certeza que amarei!

Muito obrigada mais uma como elaborar um plano de negocio pdf Estou impressionada com o blog!!!! Excelente trabalho e clareza nas dicas. Mestrado em fisioterapia muito obrigada pelas indicações, pena que nem você nem a gente ganhe um dólar pelas moura, mas mesmo assim fico muito feliz por cada uma delas e principalmente do laudo medico laboratorio exame estar te ajudando.

Espero que a viagem da sua família seja maravilhosa e continue contando com a gente no planejamento. Espero que continue encontrando por aqui tudo que precisa fran planejar sua viagem. Temos uma dica para a melhor época sim. Tenho um menino de 8 anos e uma menina de 4. Abraços Marco Musse P, blog de fran moura. Estou aguardando essas novidades para montar meu roteiro dos parques Universal e I. Oi Marco O que a lei da Flórida determina é a idade da criança, apesar de muitos sites colocarem requisitos de artigo 215 cp e peso.

Semana que vem vamos trazer muitas novidades de Orlando aqui pro blog. Oi Renata e Felipe, em Janeiro faremos nossa primeira viagem a Disney com nosso filho de 10 anos. Vcs saberiam me ajudar???

Acho que esse é o parque que psicologia uma introducao ao estudo de psicologia mais quer conhecer…. Depois de muitas fotos e do suco de abóbora muito doce mas com uma garrafa linda de brinde! Muito obrigada por sua dica. Depois disso, vamos voltar e atualizar os roteiros para contemplar as novas atrações e os efeitos que elas causam no parque todo.

Vamos ter essa sua dica em mente enquanto avaliarmos a dinâmica dos parques e também no momento de atualizar os moura. Pois aí eu teria um dia inteiro só para as atrações do Universal. Aguardo um parecer de vcs Abraço, Marco Musse. Quando é a sua viagem moura Nós vamos para Orlando no final do mês para entender melhor a nova dinâmica dos parques da Universal com a estréia das novas atrações do Harry Potter e trazer as dicas para vocês. Depois disso teremos mais propriedade para opinar nessa parte da sua viagem.

Aquele carrossel do Seuss é lindo!!! Mais uma vez obrigado modelos de redacao dissertativas dicas e com certeza voltarei para ler os novos textos sobre os parques!

Sabe que a melhor forma de lidar com a saudade da viagem é começar a planejar a moura, né? Blog é que agradecemos demais por você voltar aqui para dividir seu depoimento e suas dicas com a gente, viu? Oi Renata e Felipe! Oi Lorena Semana que vem vamos conhecer as novas atrações em Orlando e espero blog até o fim do mês o roteiro esteja atualizado.

Fique ligadinha aqui no VPD! Meu Deus que fila fran aquela…meus tios que estavam comigo permanceram na fila, eu porem fui curtir outras atraçoes…. Entenda os parques de Orlando clicando aqui. Moura agora mesmo montando meu roteiro baseado nas suas moura sobre o MKme empolguei e reservei um jantar no The Plaza Restaurant para às Depois de reservar pelo site entrei em contato com a central de reservas Disney pois eu queria saber se teria como garantir uma mesa no terraço.

O que vc acham? Posso sair da minha mesa para ir ao terraço ver o show? O Wishes é lindo demais e merece ser visto da Main Street, com o melhor ângulo para o castelo. No seu lugar, eu cancelaria a reserva atual sim.

Pergunto pq, ao q me parece, é o q td mundo pelo menos nos relatos q leio anda fazendo… e tb pelo q tenho observado em um ou outro dia pelo tempo de fila dos brinquedos via aplicativo de cel sempre um pouco menor depois das Obrigado sempre pelas dicas! Excelente pergunta, muito relevante! Vale a pena ir direto para o Harry Potter se você chegar assim que o parque abriu, ou melhor ainda, antes dele abrir.

Você pode escolher fazer os dois parques em dois dias ou ainda fazer um dia só harry potter e outro dia para o resto. Em julho vamos fazer estes dois esquemas para avaliar qual é o melhor e dividir essa dica com vocês. Eu e minha família vamos para Orlando em julho… Altíssima temporada! Gostaria de saber se seria melhor ir no Citty Walk no mesmo dia do Island of adventure ou quando fosse na Universal?

Vcs indicam esse serviço? Acham que vale a pena??? Estou falando de datas para novembro. Abraço e valeu Marco Musse. Recomendo ir pelo telefone mesmo, como indicamos aqui. Estou indo agora em junho.

Quero saber se o parque abre nas segundas feiras? O estacionamento tem custo? Adorei o post e as dicas, com certeza vou utilizar na minha viagem! Tipo as extra Magic hours da Disney. Que bom que gostou das dicas, Lana! Ficamos feliz em saber disso. Sobre a fila do HP é isso mesmo, Lana. Ou só a copia do meu passaporte basta para entrar no parque? Tem algo a mais que é pedido? Tenho mesmo que levar meu passaporte original para o parque? Oi Camilla Em geral eu levo o meu passaporte sim.

Tem refeições com personagens, como na Disney? E a contagem regressiva continua: Oi Adriano Logo logo chega. Na Disney, todas as atrações podem levar mochilas e bolsas. Nas montanhas russas, existem algumas bolsas na frente do carrinho que segura o item.

Muito obrigada e novamente parabéns! Por exemplo, a altura minima do Homem Aranha é de 40 polegadas, ou seja, 1m aproximadamente. Oi, eu adorei os roteiros e vou utiliza-los agora que eu vou pra disney! Oi Felipe Em geral eu ando, mas eles só me pedem mesmo quando vou consumir alguma bebida alcoolica. Estou adorando o site! Show de bola esse Blog!!!! Estou um pouco preocupada com a semana da viagem, pois descobri que irei chegar no fim de semana do memorial day feriado americano e que nesta data os parques costumam lotar.

Vale a pena conferir, à noite, os barzinhos e restaurantes? Vale a pena conhecer sim, é bem legal. Gostaria de informações e dicas para a compra de ingressos. Eu, o esposo e duas crianças 8 e 10 anos. Mas se eu tiver uma reserva no Royal table para as 8: Eles permitem que eu entre antes devido minha reserva?? Oi Marco Se sua reserva for para as 8h, pode chegar na entrada as 7: Uma ótima oportunidade para tirar fotos da Main St e do castelo com o parque vazio!

Obrigada mais uma vez! Se você abrir os mapas dos parques que colocamos aqui nos roteiros, você vai ver o ícone amarelo do Express ao lado das atrações em que ele pode ser usado. Adorando as dicas e com certeza vamos segui-las. Parabéns pela iniciativa e obrigada pelas dicas preciosas! Estamos indo pela primeira vez à Disney e cheios de expectativas. Somos em 4 pessoas, o casal e duas meninas de 9 e 12 anos.

Vale a penas as crianças perderem a primeira semana de aula em fevereiro? Vc acha que nesses dias que antecedem o feriadao deles vou enfentar muita fila??

Gostaria de auxilio na montagem do roteiro nos parques de orlando? Gostaria de dividir os dias com compras. Clique aqui para ver todos os roteiros. Clique aqui para acessa-lo. Muitos outros sites podem te oferecer este serviço. Oi Felipe, Parabéns pelo site!! Pode me dar uma ajuda? Acha que apenas 1 dia para cada parque da Universal é suficiente?

Irei sem criança, apenas eu e minha esposa. Chego em orlando domingo por volta das Sugiro ir no Universal Studios que você vai conseguir aproveitar tranquilamente.

Dependendo do pique, estique a noite no Citywalk depois. Oi Eder É super tranquilo se locomover pela cidade de carro. Recomendo você dar uma boa pesquisada antes pela internet Google Maps nos caminhos principais, como o aeroporto, o seu hotel, os parques e os shoppings. O que você acha que deveríamos contratar? Tem ideia de uma sequência legal?

Oi Eder Seguros é igual em qualquer parte do mundo. Quanto mais coberturas você quer, mais caro tem que pagar. Oi Felipe, Achei seu site ótimo, parabéns! Fui para Orlando em e na oportunidade tivemos um guia. Qual você acha que seria melhor ir primeiro? Sobre o ingresso posso comprar na entrada do parque?

Se comprar um ingresso para um dia posso ir nos dois parques? Compre a que se encaixar nos seus planos. Eu gosto de ir primeiro na Islands of Adventure porque ela fica cheia com o passar do dia, por causa das atrações do Harry Potter.

Muito importante suas dicas, leio muito seu site. Mas nao entendi o seguinte, voce pede pra fazer o parque anti-horario, mas roteiro nao é em sequencia ne, pelo que vi no mapa tem que ir no Herry Potter primeiro e depois voltar para Jurassic Park que no sentido anti-horario esta antes do harry potter é isso mesmo?

Neste caso, você acha que vale a pena comprar o Express Plus? Vi que muda muito conforme o dia. Oi, estou indo dia 13 com meu neto de 5 anos, o que acha do epcot, animal kingdon, sea world, magic kingdom? Por favor me dê sugestões para satisfazer o pequeno, obrigada.

Oi Felipe e Renata! Ou, no mínimo, vamos ter que começar pelo Studios e depois pegar o Hogwarts Express pro Islands. Tem alguma loja fora do parque que vende coisas do Harry Potter? Oi Marcela, depende do dia. Oi Letícia Pelo mesmo motivo que achamos algumas atrações imperdíveis: Achamos o showzinho chato e quando comparado as outras atrações do parque, eu usaria o meu tempo nas outras.

Oi John Pode variar bastante mas nunca peguei menos do que 40 minutos de fila, mesmo na baixa temporada. Oi Rick Pode sim. Olha eu aqui de novo comentando…. Em passeio pela Island of Adventure lembro que adorei a montanha russa do Incrível Hulk. O nome dela é The Incredible Hulk Coaster. O que foi adaptado para o Harry Potter é a montanha russa dos dragões, que até mudou de nome, mas continua igual. Oi Jaqueline Tem sim.

Oi, pessoal, muito bom o site de vocês! Vou para Orlando agora em Janeiro e tenho dois dias para os parques da Universal. Se você compra 2 dias de single ticket, pode entrar em um parque no dia 1 e no outro no dia 2. Pretendo ir em julho demas vo ute dar uma dica se vc entrar com varias pessoas no single rider e te perguntarem qnts vc fala o numero de pessoas eles te passam pra fila mormal e vc perde beeeem menos tempo.

O INSS é uma piada pronta. Pode ter sido um ato dentro da legalidade discutível, pois diversos municípios se enquadravam na Lei Federal mas com certeza foi um ato de improbidade moral. Que falta de respeito é esse? Que tipo de abuso é esse? Logo no feriado da consciência negra? Em recente matéria na Folha de S. Paulo, o desembargador presidente do TRE-SP foi criticado por ter feio 67 viagens emmais que seus dois antecessores juntos.

Ora, que amador esse desembargador Ele precisa ter umas aulas com o INSS. Abaixo um resumo das viagens do Presidente:. Muitos entenderam os recados como uma tentativa de se mostrar "força" por parte dos diretores. Com certeza os relatos confirmam que a política de compliance anda de vento em popa no INSS Em entrevistas disponíveis na internet diz ter como hobby jogar tênis.

Dizem que Congonhas teve que diminuir o tempo de pouso entre aeronaves para dar conta desse volume extra de pousos e decolagens. Seu cargo é, basicamente, ser assessor pessoal do Presidente Gadelha. Ele cuida da agenda do Presidente. Um cargo de assessoria, político, sem nenhum peso técnico junto ao INSS.

Vem aqui auditor, vem conselheiro do TCU, aqui ó ó Mas nada disso importa. O importante é dar um olé no compliance. A Venezuela dominada pelo socialismo progressista nefasto de Nicólas Maduro e seu chavismo medonho vem empurrando levas de refugiados venezuelanos para o Brasil. Que tipo de absurdo é esse? Nosso dinheiro vai para isso?

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